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We offer training of Russian language in the countries of Europe

Specially for the staff of companies working in hospitality and tourism industry, we offer the program of training of Russian language designed for groups of students to help them  to achieve their objective to communicate in Russian daily and to practise in specific language and linguistic structures used in business. We also offer private lessons for the top management with the focus on Business topics and Vocabulary across a range of different business situations.

Our extended stay program lasts from 3 weeks and our long-stay program lasts from 2 months. Depending on the needs and language requirements, the client can choose the program that corresponds to him.

According to the needs and the terms of the contract, two or more high qualified teachers will arrive to the client’s country to train the company’s staff of Russian language. In this case your employers can attend the studying and will not interrupt their business activity

Skilled teachers will train the personnel of your hotel / firm to speak with tourists from Russia on their native language in short time.

All our teachers speak English and have over 20 years experience in training of Russian as foreign language.

Russia is the first in Europe on population and Russian language is the fourth in the world on population speaking and desiring to learn it.

Any person of 164 million population of the world speaking native Russian is ready to become your client.

As additional service, we offer the translation of yours advertising brochures and leaflets in Russian.

Your tourist will be glad not only to hear, but also "to see" Russian speech.

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