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English > Russian language courses for foreigners any age, all kinds of activity and any level from beginner to advanced


Russian language courses for foreigners any age, all kinds of activity and any level from beginner to advanced

We invite foreigners to learn Russian in Moscow!

The best way to learn and to improve Russian language is to study it in its native country

Skilled teachers with knowledge of English will help you to learn   Grammar and Vocabulary of Russian language, according to your cognitive preferences, and communicative needs and demands.

For professional needs

Our language courses are designed to give the student skills, confidence and experience to succeed in business.  The lessons will challenge the student to maximize speaking, listening, reading and writing skills across a range of different business situations. The attention focuses on Business topics and on the Vocabulary necessary for participating in meetings, negotiating, presenting information, report writing, telephoning and e-mail corresponding.

For personal needs

Our courses are designed to develop the student`s key language skills - speaking, listening, reading, writing and use of Grammar and Vocabulary for a wide range of everyday situation:  visiting  shops, beauty salons,  restaurants, traveling through the country, museum excursions, language practice to understand  signs, advertisements, announcements, newspapers etc.

During the language course, the program can be changed according to the demands.

We are ready to work with

  • corporate clients (lessons in the office in any convenient time or private lessons at home),
  • individuals  (lessons at home,  also lessons for  members of family).

Following the student’s needs and language requirements, we will design an exclusive course for everyone. The student could choose either to concentrate on a number of professional skills or to focus on a particular project. We can offer various program: flexible, intensive, stable.

If the student needs to certify his level of Russian with a recognised Russian language test TRKI (the center of testing in the Moscow State University named after Mikhail Lomonosov) our courses are an ideal option for this.

Courses Facilities

Our facilities include modern text books, multimedia programs published by the best Russian publishing houses and authentic materials taken from newspapers, videos, Internet, which will show how Russian language is used in the real world.


Our high qualified teachers have more than 20 years experience in training of Russian as a foreign language;

To meet student’s needs and requirements, we design an exclusive timetable of lessons.

The lesson is structured as a chat between the teacher and the student

Training is based on understanding of graduates benefit from the lessons   not on check and control.

278 millions speak Russian on the planet.
We invite you to join us!

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